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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Workin' on the instrument

Since the last post, we have all been busy finalizing the interview instrument. While this is an amazingly tedious process, it is also extremely exciting. This is our chance to create an interview instrument that addresses all the realities individuals experience as sex workers. We are being extremely mindful of the terms we use, and how we phrase our questions to prevent influencing the responses we get. Once we agree that we have completed the instrument, we will then give it to our (soon to exist) community advisory board for feedback. Then, we will incorporate their feedback and be ready to submit it to the Internal Review Board for approval.

In addition to this process, Abby has been busy becoming a pro at the Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing software we will use to administer the interview. The great thing about this software is it will help prevent data entry errors during the interview, and prevent data entry errors later since we will not have to enter the information from a paper form.

Ginger has been hard at work creating Sexually Transmitted Infection Information sheets to make available for the research participants. What is truly great about these sheets is that she put not only the standard Western medical information and advice, but also established non-Western advice.


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