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Thursday, August 10, 2006

SWEAT Instrument

The good news first: We received approval from the University of California San Francisco's Committee on Human Research to ask all the questions we wanted. Hooray! Now, the realistic news: We wanted to ask too many questions.

Earlier this week Ginger and I did a practice run through of the instrument in CAPI (Computer Administered Personal Interview) and at an hour and a half into it, we barely were half way through the interview and both of us had lost interest. This does not bode well for the participants. So, it is back to the editing board. Deb, Ginger and I met yesterday and did an initial cutting of questions. After processing those edits, it is clear that we will need to cut some more. The last thing we want is an excessive interview. The plus side to this is that i already had all the questions entered into the software program, so once we cut the extra questions i won't have to do much work in the program aside from deletion and fixing some skip patterns.


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